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In this series, all about HttpListener class will thoroughly explained and exemplified. After this, any one will be able to self-host web-based scenarios without the need of an IIS and everything that comes with it.

The series is divided in the following topics (links will be provided along completion of each topic):

0 – What is HTTP? – Overview of HT.T. Protocol

1 – Get it listening

2 – Websiting – Simple web site hosting

3 – Windows Authentication – Using Windows provided authentication

4 – "Manual" Authentication – Handling HTTP authentication

5 – ASPing – Non-static request processing

6 – HTTPS – SSL secure communication

7 – WCF Data Service Hosting – OData is friends with HttpListener


As always, if there is any suggestion or unanswered topic about the subject, feel free to comment anywhere. I’ll be delighted to make this series as though and helpful as I can.

A full working solution with all these implementations can be downloaded here:


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