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Here I am, once again, with promise to expose content of interest, at least, to me. Mostly technical and programming stuff but not necessarily only.

If the various role players stay on their current routes, I’ll keep on privileging Microsoft development technologies for they provide, in my experience and understanding, the most coherent solutions and, by far, the best overall implementations. As always since I started the life of a computer programmer, I’ll keep on trying, at least once, whatever comes out regardless of branding and technology as well as some legacy goodies.

If ever you find something you’d like me to cover or have any doubt about what is exposed here, write a comment anywhere and I’ll try to keep up.

Having said that, the door is open, and so is the window so come right in.

Welcome! Will see how it goes.

”What will be, only when it will be, will be what it is.”
Alberto Caeiro (Fernando Pessoa)
Original quote: “O que for, quando for, é que será o que é”


Posted 2010/10/21 by Bigsby in General

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